Aos sábados no mês de agosto. Inscrições já estavam abertas. Convém que interessados entrem em contato com esse local tão freqüentado de encontros literários
A seguir, cópia do informe na página da Casa das Rosas

com Cláudio Willer
Sábados, 2, 9, 23 e 30 de agosto de 2014, às 10h

Serão examinados autores loucos que trouxeram contribuições literárias relevantes. Também analisaremos as complexas relações entre loucura e criação.

Claudio Willer é poeta, ensaísta e tradutor. Acaba de lançar Os rebeldes: Geração Beat e anarquismo místico (L&PM, 2014).

Na Recepção da Casa das Rosas – Avenida Paulista, 37 – ou pelo telefone (11) 3285.6986.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by christiane carlier on 26/07/2014 at 20:49

    vagas encerradas. Pode me avisar do próximo? Obrigada.


  2. Sucesso! O tema é interessantíssimo! Um abraço


  3. Posted by yolanda liebter on 16/12/2014 at 10:39

    The mission of The Writer’s House is to promote the creation and appreciation of literature and encourage the development of writers of all levels and all those involved in the art of communication, business and entrepreneurs as executives, writers, editors, publicists, journalists, filmmakers, videographers, designers, artists, illustrators, cartoonists, graphic novelists, storytellers, musicians, students, and youth and children’s audiences.
    A house converted into a workspace for meetings, soirees, weekend, exhibitions, literary tourism, cultural exchanges, workshops, written instruction of high quality, storytelling and artistic and literary events for a select and special audience.
    It all started a long time ago at a table full of cups of coffee and manuscripts, books, a guitar and some people who share a passion for writing and art in general. A belief in the magic of a story read aloud, and a dream that the writing around us could be available to anyone, the artistic creation for the eyes and the voices and sounds of artists could be conveyed directly to the ear of those eager would listen closely and know their work…
    Writing is a solitary activity; writers are to thrive in the community – the sharing of ideas and questions and to cultivate a space for art. Thus, what if we could help other writers and art lovers to find a space, a community of writing, music and media professionals? The idea came up when we heard of a place close to heaven, the magical and mysterious home of a reclusive writer who created such a space in the city of Campos do Jordão, Brazil, it was his retreat to develop his international work away from the bustle and close to nature. A bucolic space warmed by a fireplace, surrounded by green areas, maple and pines trees and colorful gardens all year round, with cool temperatures and stunning views of castles shrouded in clouds and fog on some days.

    The Writer’s House is situated on a dead end street, across the paved road that leads to Itapeva Peak, a Brazilian rocky rise 2035 meters above sea level, one of the highest points reached by car in Brazil. From the top, you can have a wide view of the Paraíba Valley, including 15 cities in the region.

    From this climate and view The Writer’s House is dedicated to the craft of writing, classes, programs, readings – a community of writing, communication, business and the arts, for the ones who love life and nature.

    The Writer’s House is open at restrained periods to a select group who apply by registration for vacancies in the programs, events and weekends.


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